How to be more productive throughout the day

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With countless articles already existing on the internet about how to be more productive it gets very overwhelming when you’re trying to find out tips that actually work. Most of the articles are based on theories and lets face it going through each and every one of these can’t be very productive. Well fear not, I’ve done the tedious part of the work for you and and brought with me 3 of the tips that actually worked for me.

As a young adult growing up in this age of digitalization and advancement, not being productive enough is one of the most frequently complained about thing I see among my peers and myself. This got me thinking and scavenging the internet as to how to be more productive throughout the day. After a lot of trial runs the following routines are what got me to be relatively a bit more productive throughout the day.

Now before you start with this article it’s really important that you remember that there is no magic button that makes you productive. The small changes even though, they might seem negligible bring about the biggest changes and you should also be more kind to yourself and your mistakes.

Wake up Early: Alright, I know. After talking about small changes I am asking of REALLY big change here, but bear with me. I’m sure I don’t have to dive into the merits of rising early. Let’s be honest here, if the health aspects of waking up early would’ve been a motivator enough we wouldn’t be here. So now, I’ll ask you to wake up early just for the sake of getting a tad bit more done throughout the day.  Yes, how waking up early will get you having more things done? Well, I’ll give you two reasons:

  1. This literally gives you a lot of time to get things done. Suppose you wake up at 9 usually. Now if you wake up at 9:30 now onwards you’ll get extra 3.5 hours daily. That’s a lot of time in which you could maybe fit in that assignment you need to do, or that article you always wanted to write. And also biologically speaking, you are generally at your peak mental and physical performance in the morning. Yes I did say generally. For those of you this isn’t true, don’t bother working in the early morning.
  2. I mean have you even read no. 1? That basically trumps any need for a no. 2 reason.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and I seem to actually have really less distractions then and I feel really fresh setting a good tone for the rest of the day.

You might also be asking, “Ahmad you idiot. You want me to wake up at 5:30 and be straight in that state where I can pull off an assignment? Tsk tsk” yeah well you could always go out for a 15 minute walk or maybe just have a cup of tea in your balcony to jolt yourself up.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and it actually works for me. It gives me a lot of hours which, otherwise I would’ve spent sleeping, I actually have really less distractions then and I feel really fresh setting a good tone for the rest of the day. Now even though humans have been generally programmed to be up and about in the morning, there are exceptions. Some of you might be night owls and you might feel more productive during the late hours in the night. In that case you should most definitely stick to that. I’m just saying what worked for me.

Workout: Now this might have your brows up, but various scientific studies state exercising can boost your productivity by as much as about 22%. Now by working out I don’t necessarily mean the intense gym workouts with all the heavy equipment for cardio vascualrs, resistance training and whatnot. Now if you’re into those that’s great, but if you’re not its also okay. You can start small. Doing simple anaerobic exercises for about 15-20 minutes and simple cardio for 15 more minutes should suffice. Even if that seems like much just go out for a walk with your friend or someone who’s company you would enjoy.

I started with doing anaerobic HIIT exercise. I would wake up in the morning, get fresh and do my routine exercise for about 30 minutes. Now I’ll admit I admit even feel like doing iut at all in the beginning. Also I couldn’t go through the whole 30 minutes routine. Here’s what helped me get through that phase:

  1. I started small. I just did the amount of exercise I was comfortable with without pushing myself too much. As I got more accustomed to it I increased the amount of exercise I was doing.
  2. I scheduled my workouts. This helped me keep track and develop it as more of a hobby
  3. As I progressed I started enjoying and that’s when I really started pushing and reaching the optimum level

As of now I work out every morning for about half an hour. I feel this invigorates me, keeps me more active throughout the day. I feel more mentally and physically sound than I’ve ever been before. I was suffering from a very unhealthy degree of laziness before which is now gone thanks to this. At this point I even got a gym membership as I want to progress into different resistance training and take on the healthy lifestyle. What started out a s an effort to get rid of my laziness and be more productive might just turn into me taking on the healthy lifestyle full time. so that’s an added bonus.

Take a social media and/or smartphone detox: while I feel blessed to have been born in this amazing time and age of modernization and digitization, I feel that we also need to take a step back at times. Smartphones and social media sites can be a pretty good distraction. It goes without saying that they eat up a good amount of our time during which we could be working away. I dealt with this problem in the following ways;

  1. I took a sort of a social media detox. Well, I couldn’t just disappear from social media completely so I decided to limit it. I uninstalled the Facebook app from my phone. I only used Facebook from my PC and that sort of put an end to my needless scrolling. Let’s face it, scrolling aimlessly isn’t the same when you’re sitting upright in your chair instead of lying down. Consequently I found myself spending no more than 30 minutes per day on Facebook. I kept messenger on my phone since I actually deemed it a necessity. However I turned off chat heads from the option since I found the constant notifications and pop ups distracting. I also shifted from having multiple messaging apps to the just one. This also brought a lot of peace in my life as it was easier to keep track now with everyone in one place. Come to think of it multiple messaging is pretty useless. And by any chance if you feel that by taking this sort of a detox from Facebook you’ll be missing out from all those quality dank memes, trust me when I say this, you’ll find waay better memes by scrolling reddit 20 minutes a day than scrolling Facebook the whole day like a normie. I would know. This is what I do to flex my meme game over the normies around me.
  2. I also wanted to reduce my smartphone usage as it is very easy to get carried away with this device. However I had to go through countless trials until finally coming to something that actually works for me. Yes disabling chat head of messenger and deleting the Facebook app did play a significant role in this. I also installed a screen time monitoring app available for android phones called the Digital Wellbeing app ( or ( You would be surprised at how many hours you actually spend on your phone and exactly how many you reached and unlocked your phone. If not anything it did surprise me, scare me even to some extent. This is when I had this obsessive desire to bring down this number. Even though it was extremely tough for me to get where I am today, I did make it, so can you. Initially I would instinctively reach for my phone every 10 minutes or so.  However I did tone it down. Also there’s the DND (Do-Not-Disturb) mode on android phones. It basically blocks all your notifications from popping up when turned on. Now I have a habit of turning it on at 11:30 pm every day and whenever I sit down to work. And all of this did work for the better for me.

Now while some or all of the points seem insignificant to help you have a more productive day, each and every one of these worked great for me. In the end it’s the small changes like these in your life that potentially bring about the big outcomes. These worked so effective for me that I felt the need to share it with all of you people. And yes to this date I am still continuing on with this. Ever since I have started this  I must say that my life has been more organized, peaceful, productive and not to mention healthier.

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