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You are studying hard from the first shine of the sun till moon says good night. Why? Obviously, to cut a good figure in your exams so that you can have a well paid job. Such toiling and all.

On the other hand, you know there are many artifices, theories and other notable works that were made thousands of years back when there was nothing called education. Or even no invention of paper and pen. Still they made so beautiful sculptures and architectural monuments. How? Doesn’t this surprise you? How is it possible? Without education, how did they do the measurement or used products and chemicals?

This is because of their working caliber. All of them were not educated but experienced. They were experts in their own field. They didn’t take higher studies or anything but they internalized the world within them by experiencing everything around them. For example, Taj Mahal, who do you think made it? Any particular architect? Or Hanging Garden of Babylon? Rabindranath Tagore. Was there anything related to exams or education? Why are these famous? How do we know them without having any reference to certificates?
Then again you have our Louis Isadore Kahn, Marie Curie, Dr Muhammad Yunus and number of intellects who have gifted the world with modern masterpieces and added new dimensions to the latest world.
So, what is more important to you? Higher study or work experience?
Confused? Ok. Lets see both the shields of a coin.

A person having higher studies with no work experience:
A student has joined a cooking class. He studied hard about all the measurements and ingredients. Got highest grades on Cooking skills. Achieved several certificates and gold medals. But…he doesn’t have any practical knowledge about cooking. The moment he enters the kitchen, he finds himself to be an alien on a strange planet. He cannot differentiate between sugar and salt. How will that certificates help him?

A person having good work experience with no education:
Another person from the age of 7 started working in the kitchen. He always stands beside his mother and the cook whenever they cook something. This pushed him into the world of cooking. By the passage of time, he became a very good cook by making mistakes and all. He always makes tasty dishes for his family. But…he doesn’t no the benefits or side effects of the cooking ingredients. As a result, he feeds his child with full of protein and carbohydrates which led them to be victimized by obesity and to some cases heart blockage. How will his experience help him?
In these two issues, they are vulnerable to any kind of harm.
So, education and experience cannot be separated from each other. For good results, we need the 2E’s. They both complement each other. Without experience no knowledge is useful and without knowledge no experience will be beneficial.

You can contact the writer through email urushaferdous@gmail.com.

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