Damage Control: The admission phase

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There comes a time in life when we, as individuals are bound to take some decisions. These decisions delineate what the future holds for us. You’ve guessed it right. I am talking about the admission period in the life of a Bangladeshi student.

In Bangladesh,the admission system is perhaps one of the most gruesome and exhausting experiences. This phase has morbidity, uncertainty and crippling self doubt embedded in it. It is such a process where your future is determined by what you do within the time limit of the exam. Some come out with their goals achieved, some with a satisfactory output and some with an incriminating sense of dejection.

So, what is the proper way to win this round of life? Truth be told there is no “one way”. What may be so affable to others may seem quite austere to you. Perceptions vary so do approaches. But not to worry because there are some dictum that determine a major aspect of your results. Let’s have a look at those, shall we?

Staying true to your goal

The most common and cardinal mistake one can make during this period is taking preparation for completely oppositely aligned choices. This creates a major problem. It causes an extra pressure of coping up with the insurmountable content of both syllabuses. At the end, you’ll most likely fail to achieve a genteel grasp of either of the subject choices you were preparing for. So, its better if you prepare thoroughly for your main target. You can always study extra matter in your leisure but it shouldn’t contradict the subject content of your main target.

Building momentum

Building a momentum is crucial in order to enhance your survival odds during this period. Would you prefer studying 4-5 hours at a stretch or would you rather invest an ample portion of your daily schedule in studying maintaining a consistent rate? Opinions do vary but most people prefer to maintain a consistent study schedule as this makes them habituated to study. As you’re more exposed to the subject matter at a daily basis you’re most likely to attain strong grasp of the content you’ll go through. Moreover, consistency will also ensure that you have gone through crucial topics and mastered them at the same time.

Who is your main competition?

The competition in public exams is outrageous. The odds favoring you in a public exam are very slim .You may have this preconceived notion that in order to pass these exams with merit you’d need to overtake your friends, classmates etc. The first person you need to overcome is none but yourself. You need to ask yourself whether you’re satisfied with the amount of time and efforts you pitched in today and if the answer is no you need to think how to bring about a change. This is how you evaluate yourself. Self evaluation is important at this stage. This helps to realize what approaches you can take to move forward or what changes you can bring to improve your abilities.


It is important to understand the significance of having the right attitude. The admission phase is plagued with depressing variables till the moment you get yourself a seat at a university. Traps and subterfuges pervade throughout the whole time to make you stumble. If you posses the right attitude to achieve what you really aspire for the struggle gets easier. It’s how you wish to tackle each and every obstacle in your way that dictates a portion of your overall outcome. So, attitude is important. This is what drives an unexpected candidate to speed past you and leave you dumbfounded. The right attitude is your armor against the barrage of sighs life throws at you.

Acknowledging the omnipotence of luck

As discouraging/encouraging as it sounds, it all comes down to the exam day and how you play your cards. This is where luck steps in. At the end of the day you need to acknowledge the profound influence luck has on your result. This can go both ways, depending on which side you’re on. You have to be familiar with the concept that no matter who you are, luck will have a say and you need to be ready to accept the inevitable.

The admission period is the most unpredictable time in the life of any Bangladeshi student. The unpredictability is its interesting aspect. Anyhow, regardless of what approach you are taking you’ll find yourself reiterated the aforementioned principles some way or the other from anyone you seek advice. It is important to remember that everyone has something they can succeed at. So if you find yourself locked outside, remember there has to be another door opening for you. In the end do not fail to hope. Hope is an essential prerequisite.I will end with this very favorite quote of mine:

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.”

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