8 Things You Must Do Before You Die

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In a blink of an eye, anything can happen to your precious life. However, on average, human beings are living the same life over and over again. You were born, you got raised, you went for jobs, ran after money and then death called you. I often wonder how much untold stories and wishes were lying under the cold graveyards, sealed off in the coffins. Surely, we all have to die but the time is uncertain. So why not turn this uncertainty into some tremendous memories to recall in our deathbed. Here are 8 things you must do before you die – 

Cut yourself from the social media for a week 

Are we closer to social media than our families and friends? The answers might differ. However, many of us always have our hands and brain screaming to see what is happening there. But life was pretty good when there was not a single virtual world to step into. So why don’t you do this experiment of deleting your social media applications and discover a world without it? The first day will be very hard without those I agree but eventually you will unearth different aspects in your life.  

Write a book

You definitely have tons of events happening in your life right now. Believe it or not but each of them is worth writing thousands of books. You just have to give your thoughts the right amount of ink and there you have it; your own written book. You may not think but someone else might get inspiration from your stories. Maybe you can raise awareness by sharing your experiences.   Who knows! That book might turn into a bestseller!  

Triumph over your fear

Life is not that long that you will let your fears hold your back. Maybe it is the fear of heights or snakes or dolls! Whatever it is, Grab the neck of it and triumph over it. You can do it at any point in your life and can get never ending possibilities. Just do not do anything hazardous which will do more harm than good. By the way, I have the fear of being stuck in escalators and still working to triumph over it. 

Stand in front of injustice whenever you can 

Justice delayed is justice denied. There are times when we see people doing injustice to others but we often choose to pretend not to see the situation. It is understandable that there may be a fear of harm but by not raising the voice will ultimately curtail our rights automatically. You might think in those incidents that someone else will help the sufferer. What if they are also thinking like you and ignoring as well? You can push their voice. So, balance your measure of proportionality and do the most convenient thing to ensure justice. 

Tell your serious crush about feeling 

There must have been an endless number of times when you might have acted in the weirdest way possible whenever you have seen that serious crush. You may have gathered ample amounts of courage just to say “Hi” to that crush but could not fulfill your desire. Well, you just need a little bit more courage to storm in front of your serious crush and give voice to your feelings. Remember, when you are talking about love it is never too late.   

Have a cute pet

Imagine a wonderful creature walking around your house, snuggling with you, doing cute things to make you laugh. Where will you find something like this? Also, according to Health for Animals which is a global animal medicines association, pets give us emotional support, decrease our stress and loneliness. Plus, pets made you responsible. However, this section is not limited to dogs and cats only. In fact, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, the crown prince of Dubai, has a white lion as a pet!

Have a professional photo shoot  

Almost all of us have admiration for celebrities, don’t they? It is our first task whenever we get a newspaper or tabloid, to open the entertainment section. Not only that, we always wonder how they get such a perfect picture with perfect posture. A huge number of people had dreams to become an actor or actress in their life. Alas! Only a few could make that. Whether you have made it or not, you can always have a professional photo shoot of yours. Hire a photographer with a makeup artist and have the celebrity feeling. It might cost you your budget but there should be some things in our lives that we can only have only for ourselves and pictures are one of them.  


Maybe that person is your sworn enemy or someone with whom you had the most unfortunate occurrence. Make your move and forgive that person. It will be tough! Maybe the toughest decision you will ever make. But think about it in a different way. Life is too short for bitter experiences and this will not really let you have the mental peace you deserve. Take a breath and forgive that person. You will feel good.

If you are thinking that you will do all of these in a suitable time, I would like you to stop waiting. Grab the opportunity next to you, a sticky note and START LIVING YOUR LIFE! 

  • Adiba Jahan Payel is a third year student at BRAC University, School of Law. Reach her at adibapayel.ap@gmail.com 
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