6 Awesome Productivity Apps You Can Use During Quarantine

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We often get confused between being in isolation and in quarantine. There is a fine line between these two terms. Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. On the other hand, isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. Nonetheless, quarantine gives you a chance to find your inner potential and makes you do more productive things which you might have never done before. Here are some awesome applications which you can use during a quarantine period to boost up your productivity: 

Petit BamBou:

Covid-19 has caused more panic than precaution. You must have been pretty disturbed by all the negative news and harsh reality. To get some relief from these you can try Petit BamBou. It is a popular meditation app which will help you relax and cultivate your inner peace during this time of pandemic.



You have probably given a thought to sharpen your skills and get more knowledge, but those busy schedules have been ruining your plans. Well, what best time will you get than this?    Brilliant is an entertaining and impressive educational app which will help you sharpen your smartness and will bring out the inner curiosity of yours. 


Scribd: Audiobooks & e-books:

Are you a bookworm? Do you like the captivating smell of new books? But could not get to buy new books for lockdowns? It seems like the internet has alternatives for every situation. Scribe is an impressive audio and e-book app where you can explore unlimited number books, magazine articles, sheet music and more. Also, the good news is Scribe is giving free of cost access to all its contents for one month with no card information. 


Home Workout – No Equipment:

Is being in quarantine make you crave for food and make you gain weight? Say no more. Home Workout app will help you stay fit during this period. It has warm-up and stretching routines, automatic record training progress, charts to track weight trends, customized workout reminders and many more features to help you stay fit without heading to the gym (which is not safe right now).


Women Workout at Home – Female Fitness: 

Similar to the previous app, Women Workout at Home has especially designed for females only. It offers quick and effective workouts to maximize fat burning, scientifically proven to lose weight and improve health, bodyweight workouts with no equipment and so on. Likewise, you will have a gym at home with zero investment. 



What best time will you get than this to learn a whole new language? It is free, tracks your progress and also guarantees you that 34 hours here will be comparable with a university level course! Moreover, it offers languages such as Hebrew, Norwegian and other various options. Plus, knowing an extra language will always give you an exceptional advantage in your career.  


So now that you have the list of apps which will keep you busy during quarantine, do not forget about washing hands, keeping your surroundings clean, maintaining social distance, monitoring your symptoms and lastly taking precautions rather than panicking. Remember that, in this fight with Covid-19, you are doing your part by staying at home. 

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