3 simple tips for 2020!

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Jot down your priorities.

Believe it or not having your priorities written down has an impact on our behavior like no other. Quite often when we find ourselves at a quandary where coming to decision is as hard as finding the right gift for your other half, the jotted priorities give you a sense of direction.

What I personally do is that I firstly scope out what aspects of my life i want to prioritize and then have them chronologically listed. So, my list of priorities is as follows:
1. Academics
2. Solo tours
3. Extra Curricular activities
4. Learning Microsoft Excel
5. Getting my blog to grow
6. Trying out as many restaurants as possible.

Now, that you’ve a brief idea about how a priority list looks like why not get done with yours?

Focus on your fitness

As cliched as it may sound but I completely believe that health is wealth. A healthy person takes on everyday with an unending lump of zeal. That being said, when you’re fit and fine you’re less likely to fall victim to fatigue,both physical and mental, and have a mood like no other.

Since, I remain clamped within a very tight schedule I have devised a way to keep track of my fitness. I recently got a smart band. This helps me meet my daily goal of walking 12,000+ steps, that’s almost 8.19 km in the route that aligns my work,studies and other commitments.

Yes, I’m walking myself to fitness. Even when I’m going out for some junk food I make sure I’ve earned it through every step I take.

Challenge yourself

Let’s be honest we all love our comfort zones. But too much of it is a dangerous thing. It makes you complacent and limits your growth as a person. So, challenge yourself and your comfort zones. Try to engage in activities you normally avoid or have fear of failing in. Understand this, your experience determines how you shape yourself and any experience be it good or bad is worth the hassle.

For myself I have started the year by setting a goal to learn Microsoft Excel perfectly, This is because being a business student quite often or not we’re to deal with numbers that need to be analysed and understood through Excel. I find myself particularly weak in this aspect. Hence, the challenge to myself to learn as much as possible.

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